Friday, February 10, 2017

Tool Box: Photopolymer Stamps: Can be a Sticky Situation

Have you found your brand new photopolymer stamps not always inking and stamping the entire image?

There is a reason. When the stamps are manufactured there is a residue left on the outside of the stamp, which is normal and expected. The sticky residue can make stamping difficult without some basic prep.

Ways to Set Your Photopolymer Stamps

  • Clean your stamps with the Stampin' Mist cleaner item code 102934 $4.50 and the Stampin' Scrub cleaning pads item code 126200 $17.00.
  • I have heard some just rub their stamps on their jeans or pants. 
  • Stamp repeatedly on scratch paper to remove residue.
  • Photopolymer stamps and StayzOn ink do not always play nice with each other. The residue is the problem. 
  • If using StayzOn and haven't cleaned your stamps with the cleaner, just keep inking your stamp until the residue is gone and stamp is no longer sticky. Of course it is likely to be permanently black now, but that is okay too. Does not effect the usability of the stamp. And once the ink is dry will not transfer or stamp on new projects.
  • Back side of stamp not sticking to your clear acrylic block anymore? Wash it with warm, not hot, water. Add a mild soap if it is still not sticking. It is likely fingers, which can get greasy, and other dirt and particles, causing the lack of adhering to the block. The mist cleaner, since it is set to condition the rubber stamps, might leave a lotion like feeling to the back of the stamp. Basic cleaning, like washing your hands, should restore it.
In closing, photopolymer stamps can be much more affordable to purchase and with a little basic maintenance will be easy to use. 

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