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It's About Time!

I bought this Zutter cutter back in October of 2009 while attending a Creating Keepsakes local event. In fact I also purchased the Bind-It-All at the same time. I still have that, and still might use it. 

I have talked often about our recent move, and what we call, The Purge. I sold or donated or tossed so much items, products and projects during that time. It felt good to clean up and reset and restart fresh. There are still a few lingering items I need to take care of, but just a few, not dozens or hundreds. 

This 12 x 12 cutter that I bought that day, well, I finally started using it. I love it!!! It cuts in half or thirds. It cuts acurately and quickly. Just drop the paper in and crank the handle. I do not need power, or to even think and be careful that my paper is lined up to the correct mark on my cutter. I cut a few 12x12 sheets down to 3x3 tonight for an upcoming class, in about 2 minutes. Oh my stars, why has it taken almost 8 years to use you!!!

I still love my Carl bulk cutter for some things, especially if I am not cutting stuff in half. And I use my old Stampin' Up! guillotine cutter for day to day. Honestly, I have a brand new one still in the box, for that just in case moment. I sent one over the edge of my table years ago. It actually broke the arm in half, blade and all. I use the new blade cutter and scorer for some things. But since I deal in bulk so much of the time, ah, never mind. It is a good cutter. Truly. I just love a guillotine cutter better. That is just my preference. Which is why there are so many different types of cutters on the market. 

Anyway, Zuts and I are going to get to be good friends. I sat and cut up 2 or 3 packs of paper tonight. Then using the Simply Scored from Stampin' Up! scored them. I know have white and vanilla bases in bulk ready to go. Oh this will make swap prep for the upcoming convention so quick, or any of the classes I have coming up too. 

PS this was originally a video. If I can figure out why it didn't post as a video, I will fix that.

Here's to you Zuts that cuts! 



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