Thursday, February 16, 2017

Senior Photo Session

Spring of 2016 my daughter graduated from high school. And a very American tradition is to have a senior photograph session with a professional photographer. We actually debated about doing a session, for a lot of reasons. For one, my daughter wasn't really interested in the session or a graduation party. And we were now running short on time if we wanted the pictures available for a grad party.

The short story is we planned and then cancelled her graduation party. My uncle died about a week before the party, and a few other happenings were thrown into an already packed schedule. We were to leave just a few days after her party for a trip to California. In other words, life happened, all over the place.

This page is the photos I took of her photo session. The pictures were gorgeous, truly. She did end up having a lot of fun with the session. The fact that the photography assistant was also named Gretchen and the photographer was a really relaxing fun guy, didn't hurt. Side note: the photographer and assistant, were the pair that were interviewed at Prince's last party before he died, and after the party. Several news outlets picked up that story. We all had fun telling Prince stories during the session. Gretchen and I had traveled to Paisley Park hours after his passing. 

Eventually I will pull together a page or two of her actual senior session pictures. We ended up having some printed on canvas, a darling foldout book with 8 top pictures for her grandparents, and a few collage framed works. I still would like to order another shot or two for the living room when we get it remodeled. The one on canvas we hung was a shot I requested. She is on the ground, surrounded by dead dandelions and she is blowing apart one of the dandelion flowers. 

It is just as important to document the behind the scenes happenings as it is big events. I hope this inspires you to remember to take the behind the scenes happenings and tell the story.

Page: Project Life App and Rain Edition (one i used a lot for my daughters pages) Becky Higgins LLC Affiliate 

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