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Creating on the Road

Stock image of the April Paper Pumpkin kit, 
because I forgot to take pictures of my finished kit

my work zone for the afternoon

Such a silly, can't wait to dig into this cute kit

My fortification in the hotel room!

watercolor and wipe off excess

Finished watercolored pieces

packaged kit

When we traveled to Albuquerque to see the relatives in June, we went with a mission, to help my in-laws organized, inventory, and then claim whatever of their possessions we desired, and drive that back home. I flew, my husband and son drove in our van. We got a hitch installed on the van shortly before leaving in case we needed a trailer to haul stuff home. 

I knew I would have a lot of down time, likely at the hotel, while they worked on the locker. I couldn't help at all. I did go one day, and mostly sat in the van, draining the battery on my phone while they all did their thing. I was only too happy to stay back at the hotel the following day. I wanted some craft time and alone time. 

It worked out well. They got me a coffee before leaving for the day. The hotel, thankfully, had a fairly satisfactory breakfast buffet, so I was fortified on all fronts. Turns out I love that Pinon coffee, which they recently opened their own coffee shops. We used to bring home beans and brew at home. But we no longer have a traditional coffee maker, and now they have a coffee house. So heavenly it is!

I put together my April Paper Pumpkin kit. This is the kit that Sara Douglass, CEO of Stampin' Up! designed. I wanted it put together for an upcoming Extravaganza for the Paper Pumpkin display I bring. 

I took a long slow time putting it together. Even took a long break and talked to my daughter and my friend. I had no idea how long the boys would be gone. Turns out, a very long time. They didn't come back until almost 8 pm, and I had had no lunch. I was getting hangry by then. And they had our protein bars with them. They were trying to starve me! Just kidding, but I was really hungry. 

I got the kit put together. I brought way more supplies than I needed. I just didn't know what I was going to do. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of my final cards, just the steps, and the final cards are a stock image from Stampin' Up! Essentially they look the same. 

From now on I will travel with a Paper Pumpkin kit and scissors and a few accessories in my bag. It saved me from certain boredom, saved me time at home to do the kit. And I had a lot of fun with this kit. The mini watercolor pencils are so fun, and cute. I may pack them in a to go travel craft kit. Truly this is a great reason to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin, it is so portable, and easy to do from anywhere. 

Like I said, I took my sweet time with this kit because I could, but usually plan on 30-120 minutes per kit, depending on your skill level, your speed, and how long you need to drag out the project. ;-) I spend about 3.5 hours all told on this. Again, I probably would normally have spent about an hour, hour and a half. I had nothing else to do and I don't want TV, nor game, so that left me with napping, which, after the large coffee, wasn't an option.

Click on my Paper Pumpkin Link above to start subscribing today. Honestly at about $20 a month for a great kit and supplies you can use on other items, what is not to love. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Keep being your traveling creative best! Sandy



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