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The Real Hipster Ariel is Here!

My daughter came home from her somewhat home/college home in Winona. She was home for a few short days. And when she comes home its always busy. She had several appointments and things to do while she was home. On top of that, my best friend and her husband were in town for a few days. And my husband had to run over to help my friend Jeny with her internet. She has had no internet for six very long weeks at home. And on top of all that, I am nearly immobile because of my knee problems. From Monday morning, until Wednesday evening, it was just go go go and people coming and going and what not. It has been so much fun, but I am tired Wednesday evening as I write this, and will soon be curled up in bed, hopefully with a cat.

The reason for the page? My daughter has wanted multistep hair color for a very long time. The intense colors you only get from bleaching. I have been strictly opposed to it. She is an adult and can do as she wishes, but she respected my wishes.

Next week was supposed to be our big family resort vacation. We had to cancel because there is no way I can deal with the 15 steps up and down to our cabin, uneven pavement, stairs, more stairs, more uneven ground and such. We stay at a 1920's rustic all inclusive super fun resort. Sadly we cancelled that, and lost our deposit. Still better than going up and chancing that I could do more than just crawl up to the cabin to just stay put for the week.

So I offered to do her hair right in lieu of the resort. We scrambled to find someone local who could do it while she was here. We found Deb, a mile away. She bleached to white, part of her hair, she has a rich dark purple on the long underside. And goes somewhat to vivid rich red. The stylist herself has bright orange hair with white tips and is short. Sounds cute!

My daughter has always loved the "hipster Ariel" look. And another task she had done was an eye exam. So she gets to select super psychedelic hipster glasses to complete her look.

I am going to sign off quickly. On top of all our other activities, tonights the night we Skype my in-laws. My pillow is so ready to reconnect.

Supplies: Project Life App and at the This is the Life card collection.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep saving those memories! ~Sandy



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