Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Senior Pictures Round 2

As is tradition in the United States, we have pictures taken by a professional outside of the school. My son's (and daughters) school have pictures done so they are uniform. Same pose, same background taken at the same photography studio, for the yearbook photo. We have the option to have fun pictures taken for our own use from any photographer.

My son was one of the first this summer for the Fall seniors. In fact, his pictures were in their first batch and ended up getting hung up somewhere in the system. Long story, but we finally got them. I still need to order one for the wall, if I choose, or at least an 8x10. I love the one with the red background just not the background itself. It just will not go in our living room. So I am not sure what to choose. He does have two other poses to choose from.

For the record, this entire session was less than ten minutes. And dude man decided to shave his mustache into what my daughter calls "creepy stalker guy". He suddenly panicked as we were to be leaving to the session and suddenly realized this would be in the yearbook for all eternity. (eyeball mom) He looked fine and should have just left his furry face alone. Teen boys!

He is a handsome young man and I feel it is important to mark this occasion with a scrapbook page, as it is the start of his final year of high school! (sniff sniff)

I hope this encourages you to also document the simple, as they are a part of your important story too.

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Thank you for stopping by today. Keep documenting those stories! ~Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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