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Matza - Our Newest Addition

Let me introduce you to Matza. She will be one in August. She is our new baby. We got her in November from our Vet. She was one of three girls that had come from one of the vets friends farm. I went in to the Vet to get some cat food and all three kitties were up and playing with the vet techs. I just casually inquired as to their status (residents, visiting or adoptable). Big mistake. I put my name on her. She rode around on my shoulder. She was sweet and cute and a little quieter (or so I thought) than the other two. She had to stay a few more weeks for toxoplasmosis (don't forget she was a farm cat before). And I needed to convince the husband not to divorce me for bringing home another animal. At the time we had 2 dogs and 2 cats and had lost two cats earlier in the year. My heart was still hurting over their loss.

I waited a few days to approach the subject with him. I reminded him that we had promised that someday the kids would get the thrill of having a kitten. He eventually relented, just in time for Matza to go to a new home.

So on Friday, November 9th, I went to the vet to bring her home. The kids had no idea at all. Well, she fit right in and rode around on hubbies shoulder for a while when she first got here. Now, the question was, how to tell the kids. They were just so excited. Matza and Whiskers have been the best of friends since the moment she set foot in the house. We supervised the two of them for the first two days since Whiskers is about a 15 pound cat (he is not fat, but just a big and looong cat) and she was only a few pounds. It was never a problem. They yin and yang sleep together all the time, and are fairly inseparable. Matza and Scamp, well, I just don't know. It is the first time in all my years of cat ownership (and dog) that I have any animals not get along. I think with Scamp it is more an issue of - she is here to steal my food, than that he doesn't like her. She is just a threat to his stomache. Scamp is the foodie of the group. He maxed out somewhere around 25 or 26 pounds, got diabetes and is doing great now on a raw food diet, thanks to our great vets ( and their wonderful approach to animal care. He couldn't even walk before, he didn't have the strength in his back legs.

We had a contest and had, I think, 150 different name submissions to name her. Matza won. It started kind of as a joke, with Hannukah coming up and all, and snowballed into her name. It sticks. She has nicknames: Matzie, Matzaball (of course), Spaz, Spazalot, Spazmoid, and other.

She is either 60 mph or 0 mph. There is no middle speed on her. She gets the rips in the middle of the night and decides that everyone should be up and playing. That is getting better as she gets used to our routines. She is sweet and cute and a little standofish at times. Apparently that is a female cat thing. I have never had a female cat before. This is a first for me. They are different, that is for sure. She is just so much fun.

This picture I snapped of her as I headed off to the vet for her "big surgery". Her ovariohistorectomy in May. She just looked so sweet and unaware of what awaits her. She is our baby. She has definitely helped me over the loss of the other two cats, and now one of our dogs, Diamond, in April due to anaplasmosis (a tick born illness and hell to watch your beloved die from!).

Hey Matza!



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