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Transparency Tips

A few TIPS when working with Transparencies:

  1. *Use only report cover transparencies available at copy centers. Regular overhead or printer transparencies are not thick enough to support page elements, other than maybe one layer of DSP and not CS. Your transparency will bend, and by the time you finish your project you could end up with bent corners and such. Report covers do not bend very easily. See folding tip on list below. *Most important rule! I know regular transparencies have a nicer look to them (shinier, clearer, smoother), but it is not worth possibly ruining your project right away. Take the time and plan out your project, then hit your local copy center on your next trip shopping! They run around 60 cents a piece. Comparable to CS or DSP. Plus you can purchase them in eaches not 50 or 100 sheets per package. That would take forever to use up.
  2. Report Cover transparencies only come in 8 1/2 x 11". If you find an alternate size, please let me know, I sure would like to find 12 x 12. Yeah, I know, good luck with that, Sandy :-)
  3. Use only StayzOn ink. Remember you cannot heat set a transparency. It will melt!
  4. Let your ink dry - at least an hour, even with StayzOn. If possible let it dry overnight, just to be on the safe side.
  5. If making a card, make sure that you get a good crease/fold. I recommend a Pampered Chef scraping tool instead of a bone folder for transparencies. If making a scrapbook with multiple pages, you might be all right not reinforcing the holes, but I probably would just to be on the safe side, plus it would look cool if you use a flower or themed shape, such as a star. On the other hand regarding the fold, a card will not lay flat when opened.
  6. SNAIL/mono tape adheres quite well to transparency, but it does show on the backside slightly. Employ other methods for adhering items when possible, like brads, eyelets, etc. OR - Adhere a coordinating piece of DSP or CS to the backside of the transparency.
  7. Recommend going over entire transparency with an anti-cling/anti-static dryer sheet before starting your project. Every fuzz, every piece of glitter, animal hair, and other things seemingly naked to the eye will suddenly appear on your transparency when you least expect it! Don't use your Embossing Buddy, it is not the same for this project as an anti-static sheet, and may be on your project forever.
  8. Glue Dots = Don'ts. Transparency is too slick and no sticky so good for them. Sorry.
  9. Dimensionals = OK. They stick fairly well, but are better left for this type of project for adding dimension and lift, not for adhering.
  10. Crystal Effects = no, no. While CE is a fabulous glue, element, bling, etc, because it will not soak into Trans. your paper will be left lumpy and bumpy.
  11. Plan carefully. With transparencies there is no do-over or hiding mistaken holes and such. If making multiples of same card, make a master hole punch template out of scrap paper or CS.

As I continue to have fun with my newfound thing (transparency), and boy are they HOT right now in the Scrapbooking world, and as I find out more does and do nots, I will keep updating this post.

I hope I have not scared you away from trying this new and hot technique. It really is fun to see what you can do with it. Post your link in the comments field for what fun you have found with transparencies. I will C U l8r!



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