Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Blew My Streak

I so blew my daily posting streak this week. After 4 weekends in a row gone for various reasons (cannot wait to unpack my suitcase for a few months), my groove got off. Easter came. It was quiet but nice here. I staying quiet as I was very tired. Church happened quietly. But my body, and quite frankly, my brain too, were shot. My knees needed a few days of nothing. My brain needed to flatline a few days. And then I got sick. Maybe I would have been better if I kept up my pace, not let the bad germs in, but you all know, it does catch up. Between my schedule, the travel and other factors, I was ripe for an illness. And because I had been busy I didn't pre-post some items like I normally would have. Argh. LIFE HAPPENS!

Come Monday I was very worn down. Barely able to be up long stretches. Tuesday the migraine came. In this case, a burning building migraine. For those that get migraines, you know the kind, where if the house were on fire, you could care less if you got out? Yup, that kind of headache. Been having them since I was two, a story that should be recorded!

Then Tuesday night a mild fever and ear pain. By today, Wednesday, I cannot touch the right side of my face. So Thursday will likely see me at the doctor for what appears to be an ear infection. I think this is only my third or fourth in life. Kids are far more resilient than adults with these. I pasted myself together enough so my son could have a friend over and I could fake caring about anything! lol but true....

So I blew my streak of continuous posting since early January. Life happens. And hopefully I will feel better soon.

I have two boxes of new stamp stuff, pre order from the upcoming catalog, that really needs to be played with. Until then. ZZzzz

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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