Sunday, April 9, 2017

Highlights from OnStage 2017

I have only begun to sift through photos from Saturdays OnStage 2017 Stampin' Up!s bi-annual convention.

For obvious reasons there are items I cannot share with you yet, but oh boy oh boy, am I ever excited to share! The title frame may be a hint at one of the new InColors starting June 1.

I promised to start my next Tool Box series on ink pads. I am almost done with it, but my knee, Hank, was so mad at me from all the walking I did for the last two days, I could really only rest and reflect on OnStage today (Sunday).

Monday will also bring the retirement list that i will post as soon as it is available and I can get it posted.

It was a wonderful two days. Even though OnStage happened about 15 miles from my house I stayed in a hotel Friday night, with Beth as my roommate. We talked, a lot and laughed a lot, and didn't get much sleep at all Friday night. Who cares!

It turns out our venue had the highest attendance of all the OnStage locations, outside of the LIVE 3 day event in Amsterdam. I believe it sold out in a a few hours after tickets went on sale. We may not have the most demonstrators in Minnesota (there were attendees from all over the Midwest), but we have a very strong level of event participation here. We always have had. I am a part of such a great upline/downline group(s). It gives me all the feelies.

Look for the retirement list posting soon. And more information on the OnStage and upcoming new annual catalog. Thanks for stopping by, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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