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Relaxing Scrapbook Retreat

During the first weekend of April I was blessed to escape for a 4 day weekend of scrapbooking with some good friends. The weather was fantastic and I escaped outside a few times for walks around the property.

During these weekends there is always a lot of laughing, a lot of talking, this time some pretty intense stuff with a friend who has some issues at home, and fantastic cooking.

I thing this is my fourth retreat here and with this group, though my count may be off. In any case, we are booked for next year already.

This year, I worked on card swaps for the upcoming Stampin' Up! OnStage. Then I worked on one of our really  big trips from 2016. I did that in My Digital Studio, which I really need to upgrade to My Memories Suite, and I will soon. But I got a fair way through the trip. But here is the catch. In the first two days of our trip, we stopped at at least 5 places, plus Disneyland. All places are worth at least a page or two and all are important. It was a big trip. It was actually our first family trip. True story! All other trips outside of some short in state stuff, have all been for the purpose of family in Albuquerque. We try to make those about our memories too. But it really is about seeing the extended family. Important. Yes! But not a destination we would vacation otherwise.

I have 2016 well documented beside our 2 big trips. I have been doing a pretty darn good job keeping up thanks to the Project Life App. But for big life events I will always choose a full computer digital scrapbooking software. I have even started a physical Project Life Album for a trip a few years ago. And will likely be adding some sub events to it.

So after I burned out of working on the trip (it happens), I switched to documenting jobs I worked. I tended to have longevity at even part-time jobs and was usually purposeful in where I worked. I shared last week my first job. My second job will be a two-parter and will take more time to document, as it lead to a diversion. It will make sense when I get it posted. Its a lot to journal, and I feel its important, to me, and probably no one else. Maybe my family. But it does explain choices I made later and what lead to meeting my husband. So theres that.

We all have our stories. I love reading peoples stories, even the small stuff. It all shapes who we are. Be sure to record yours, by whichever method you find works best.

Supplies: The Great Outdoors Themed Cards in Project Life, and Project Life App for iPhone



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