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The Journey Began on...

When I was at my scrapbooking retreat a few weeks ago, I scrapped a few unusual, well not really unusual, just a life event that I thought should be recorded.

So now my secret, which was never a secret, more like a little known fact about me, is wide out in the open. I still keep up with games and devices. I am not a "gamer girl" by any means, I play specific games, and not that many at all. Back in the day when I was going to Gamestop a lot with my friend Berta, we became the Pokemoms. The gamer crew there were amused by us and our knowledge. But how is got into it is for another post another day! I still love the challenges that Pokemon brings. And you darn well bet I was playing Pokemon Go on about day 3 of release. Met a lot of really nice people that first week after its release.

The Story (copied here for easier reading)
Rory started playing Pokemon many years ago, after he got his Gameboy Advance. He started with Emerald because it was giving away a free adapter to connect the devices. The kids got the devices too. They upgraded to the Nintendo DS eventually. Toys R Us and Pokemon used to have giveaways for free characters. 

We were in line at the Toys R Us in Northtown to get the giveaway - Manaphy on their game card. I was keeping the kids company while they waited. We got up to the head of the line and I told the employee, Emily, toss in an extra game for me. I wanted the darling Manaphy, a water type Pokemon. Rory took care of his free character, and had to pass his DS off to me so I could set the game up and get the free character while we were in the store. 

I stayed playing continuously for hours. We pulled into the garage. I sat for hours in the dark garage in the Vibe playing Pokemon. Rory would flip the light on and check on me. I would just smile and wave at him. I got my own Nintendo DS 6 weeks later. And a shiny Pokemon a week after that. 

It all started with wanting Manaphy on September 29, 2007. As they say, the rest is history.

Supplies: Project Life App, Squared Away 8 layout, Graduation theme edition (for the color red only).  Project Life Affiliate



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