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Tool Box: Bring Your Own Adhesives: Sticky Assistance

Tool Box: Bring Your Own Adhesives: Sticky Assistance

The following tools are not, well most of them are not, adhesives. But I highly recommend keeping them in your crafters tool box. They are a great associate tool for your adhesives!

Adhesive Remover
103684 $3.50
Removes unsightly adhesive. Works like an eraser. 1 remover. 2" x 2". 

Since you mostly use the corners, and they get all gooped up, just trim off the overused section.

Works well with SNAIL, Dimensionals, Glue Dots, Foam Adhesive strips, Tear & Tape and to some degree Green Glue. Not terribly affective on Fast Fuse or Fin-Tip Glue, likely to tear your paper or leave a residue.

Silicone Craft Sheet
127853 $6.00
Drop a dot of adhesive on sheet; assemble embellishment; let glue dry; pop off creation! Works with any of our adhesives. 1 sheet. 6" x 6".

While this is not an adhesive, it is an important tool related to adhesive use. It protects your surfaces and makes for easy clean up. Works great when applying glue to intricate pieces or putting together flowers and punch art. Mild soap and water or just warm water clean-up. It’s that easy.

Handheld Stapler 
6" x 1" x 2-1/2"; holds mini staples (100 staples included). Staples: 3/8" long; 2,000 silver staples per box. Handheld Stapler • 139083 $10.00 Silver Mini Staples • 135847 $4.00 

Stapler is, by nature, an adhesive. It bonds stuff together. But instead of using a glue base (as is in tape runners and liquid glue) it uses a bent metal strip to clamp stuff together. Advantage is cost and ease and zero mess. And the Stampin’ Up! Stapler reaches pretty far into the paper. Because it is handheld and you get good torque I only use this stapler now and not a traditional desk stapler.
Disadvantages: A staple cannot be placed anywhere on your paper.

And don’t forget about Washi Tape

Washi Tape
(example: Pop of Pink Designer Washi Tape 141649 $8.005 designs including gold foil. 5 rolls: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" widths. 5 yards of each design. Lignin free.) Some listed on page 179 of the Annual Catalog 2016-17. Offered in every catalog.

Washi tape is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia papyrifera), or the paper mulberry, but it's most commonly made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat.

Washi is an inexpensive and affordable decoration. Think of it as pre-taped decorative paper. It is easy to tear and apply by hand. It does not come in a dispenser. It is repositionable.

Disadvantages: Very weak bond.

I have discussed all the adhesives pictured above plus glue sticks and washing tape (not pictured). That is a lot of information to digest. I had a lot of fun pulling all this research together to share with you here. 

I hope you have enjoyed this 4-part series on Adhesives, call Bring Your Own Adhesives. I put together a helpful chart for you to download to help in choosing the best adhesive for your project and be your creative best! I ask that if you pass along the chart or alter it that you please give me credit when possible. I spent a lot of hours assembling this chart.

Next up in the Tool Box Series: Inky Fingers!



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