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Tool Box: Bring Your Own Adhesives: Let's Build Something

Tool Box: Bring Your Own Adhesives: Let’s Build Something

Which adhesive is right for your project?
  • Fast Fuse
  • Tear & Tape
  • Foam Adhesive Strips
  • Fine Tip Glue Pen

Fast Fuse Adhesive 
Super-strength adhesive that bonds instantly and neatly. Perfect for heavier layers or small 3D items. Refill offers 21.9 yards for a great value! Acid free. 
Fast Fuse is a strong (or super strong) bond. It is a double-sided tape runner with a refillable dispenser.
Disadvantages: Fast Fuse is not repositionable. I have not tried to remove it, but I am going to say it is not, unless it is on a super smooth surface such as acetate or glass or foil.

Fast Fuse (13.1 yards) • 129026 $10.00 Refill (21.9 yards) • 129027 $7.50 F

Tear & Tape Adhesive
Tear and tape is easy to apply. It is a double-sided tape, but does not come in a dispenser. You tear it to the desired length. It tears super easy. I use it as I used to used the redline tape Stampin’ Up! used to carry, but without the hassle the redline tape presented. It seems to be as strong as the previous tape. Again, less mess, easier to get desired length in that you need no tools (like scissors). I am really growing to love this tape almost as much as dimensionals, maybe more.
Disadvantages: No dispenser, which is no big deal really. Paper backing waste. Again, these are not really disadvantages, but points I thought should be addressed with the adhesive.

Tear & Tape Adhesive
138995 $7.00
Strong adhesive with tear-able paper backing for easy sticking. Perfect for boxes and 3D items. 27 yards. Acid free. 

Foam Adhesive Strips
Foam adhesive strips are double-sided foam adhesive cut into strips about 9” length. They are about 2 times the height or thickness of dimensionals. They are great for adding lift and height to a project. The bong is strong. They are somewhat repositionable. Great use for shaker boxes and depth. No dry time needed. You cut them with scissors to desired length. Seealso my shaker box video
Disadvantages: not recommended for general adhesive use. Must be cut with scissors. Not sure if they are acid free. It is not specified anywhere so I am going to say it is safe to assume it is not acid free. Not desirable for flat projects due to the height of the adhesive.

Foam Adhesive Strips
141825 $8.00
Sheet of adhesive white foam strips for shaker and spinner cards. 1/8" x 9". 10 yards total. 

Fine-Tip Glue Pen
Fin-tip glue is a liquid adhesive – glue. It is best for intricate cutouts, such as those from the thinlits Big Shot dies, glitter, sequins and seed beads, small items and other delicates you need to adhere. It is repositionable up until the first minute, after that it sets permanently. It is a fairly strong bond, but not necessarily the strongest liquid glue we carry (Green Glue, fast fuse). When used out of the bottle and not applicator it dries to an enamel like finish. See my enamel coloring video here.
Disadvantages: It does take a while for it to cure completely if using more than a dot sized amount. 1-2 hours or overnight, especially if doing the enamel coloring technique. And getting the pin back into the applicator metal tube can be challenging.

Fine-Tip Glue Pen
138309 $7.00
Perfect for adhering small embellishments, glitter, and delicate paper cutouts to projects. Cap includes pin to keep the tip clear and prevent drying. 1 oz. Acid Free.


I hope you have found this third, Tool Box, Bring Your Own Adhesives, Let’s Build Something, of a series of 4 posts about adhesives helpful to you.

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