Thursday, March 9, 2017

Call me Pearl!

Pearl by any other name

A pearl by any other name. Rory bought me a very thoughtful Valentines gift this year, a pack of smelly oysters! Just kidding, only kind of…He bought me 5 oysters to be opened live on Open an Oyster, a new kind of home party. You can open the oysters at home, or live on a Facebook Live feed. By doing that you are guaranteed to get a pearl in each oyster. And you have the fun of  having other friends watch live with you, and seeing what others got. One person, the night of my opening, got a perfect and large sterling gray super shiny oyster. The host - Brittany, could see her face in it, so could all of us watching live. 

I have always loved pearls. I have worn them most of my life, always the white or ivory ones, because that was the fashion. It turns out there is a wide range of colors to be had - electric blue, reds, garnets, peach, and more. And Twins! Brittany has a twin guessing game each live cast. For a live cast of opening mollusks it is quite entertaining to watch.  I have no doubt there will be more ordered in the near future. 

But wearing pearls is one thing, being Pearl, is another. Pearl was my mothers nickname for me, my entire life. When she would call me that, I would always wince and respond, my names not Pearl! Actually Gretchens name means Pearl. Gretchen or Margaret means Pearl. Gretchen Erin means the Pearl of Ireland. And after she was born I kept telling my mother she needs to call Gretchen Pearl, not me. She did it just because she knew it got under my skin. Sigh. Oh mother…! 

I love my black pearl. Which again makes it fitting how much I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl! I hope to get the skull and crossbones pendant for my black pearl some day soon.

So Pearl finally has real pearls to wear. Now the real Pearl needs some real pearls too.   

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